Pre-Treatment Care


Please see below for information regarding the pre-treatment flow, the skin must not be in the inflammatory process or in the process of healing and regeneration before each treatment.

mega moolah jackpot30 days prior to your treatment please ensure none of the following are done:

* No Botox and fillers

* No laser treatments, chemical treatments or peels

* No exposure to strong sunlight (freshly tanned skin)

* No facial treatments
(2 weeks before)

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* No Omega Oil or Vitamin E (1 week before)

* No waxing or threading (4 days before)

24 hours before treatment please avoid the following:

* No asprin, paracetamol or any additional blood thinning medication

* No alcohol

* No caffeinated drinks

If you have an oily t-zone, it is advisable to gently exfoliate the skin time to time,
before your procedure, this will help to prep the skin and moisturise with oil free moisturisers.

If you are on acne medication, it is advisable to wait 6 months after your course finishes,
to have microblading as your medication will thin your skin.

Please note: I advise booking an appointment around your menstrual cycle as you will be more sensitive and ensure your appointment is in advance of all holidays,
to allow your eyebrows to fully heal.