Post-Treatment Aftercare

On the day of the procedure, (including touch up appointment) you will receive a complimentary aftercare kit, which will include PhiBrows Skin Candy (aftercare balm) and PhiBrows Aftercare Wipes.

30 minutes after the procedure using the PhiBrows Aftercare wipes, gently wipe the eyebrows against the growth of the eyebrow hair backwards and forwards to remove any lymph fluid or remaining pigment, this will reduce scabbing. Then, blot dry  and apply a very thin layer of PhiBrows Skin Candy
 using a clean Q-tip.

1 hour later, wipe the brows again, this time using sterile water and a cotton pad, blot dry then apply a thin layer of Skin Candy. Repeat this process over the next 24 hours every 1-2 hours (4-5 times at least). If you had an evening appointment, try to clean your eyebrows as many times as you can before going to sleep. With the last clean care before bed, apply the Skin Candy and cover using the Phi Patches to protect them.

Days 2-4  ONLY gently cleanse brows twice daily with cooled boiling water on cotton pads, (do not soak the pads-just use damp) and pat dry. Apply a thin layer of Skin Candy in the morning, if you have dry skin then apply in the morning and evening. If you have oily then after 2 days, you can stop using the Skin Candy, but try to keep your brows dry.

The eyebrows MUST remain DRY, while cleansing the face and showering.

For good results please ensure the aftercare is followed correctly
and avoiding the below during the healing process in the first week. 

* Do not get eyebrows wet for 7 days (except when cleansing) and avoid steamy baths

* Do not wear any brow makeup for 14 days

* Avoid increased sweating for 7 days

* Avoid swimming, use of saunas and jacuzzis for 14 days

* Avoid sunbeds and direct sunlight for 30 days

*Avoid any laser or chemical treatments or peels, and/or any creams containing Retinol / Retina A’s or Glycolic Acid, on the face or neck for 30 days

* Do not pick, peel, scratch your eyebrows during healing

* Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol intake during healing process