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Here at Brows By Ellana, Ellana provides various techniques of Semi Permanent Make Up as well as brows. Including but not limited to popular treatment, Lip Blush!


What is Lip Blush and What does it do?

Lip blush is one of the most popular lip treatments as it offers the chance to enhance your lip size and symmetry, without the need for dermal fillers. If you would rather avoid fillers, this procedure is the ideal method to enhance your lips in the most natural way possible.


If you already have dermal fillers you must ensure your lips are fully settled before attending your appointment.  
Unfortunately most of us will begin to notice our lips loosing the fullness and shape. We are able to restore and revive fading lips caused by the natural ageing process, smoking, cold sores and even scarring. 
The procedure involves a handheld machine, almost like a tattoo pen, where pigment is implanted into the boarder and surface of the lip. A numbing agent is used throughout the procedure.  
This treatment will make you fall in love with your lips again. Think about it, you can eat, drink, exercise and even swim without your lipstick coming off.  
It is a semi permanent makeup treatment which defines the lips and improves the shape in areas which may of lacked definition where there may be loss of pigment around the borders, making them appear fuller and saving you time applying your favourite shade of lipstick on the morning. Lip Blush can be as subtle or as bold as you wish as selection of beautiful shades available to suit your needs. 

Lip Blush will take around 7 days to heal and results will last around 2-3 years. 


-24 hours before No coffee, alcohol or caffeinated drinks,no aspirin paracetamol or blood thinning medication 
- 24 hours before no vitamin c or omega 3 or fish oil supplements 
- prep your lips at least 1 week in preparation to your appointment by scrubbing them using a lip scrub or a home made scrub or honey and sugar and apply generous amounts of lips balm to ensure lips are not dry or chapped before appointment and drink plenty of water to ensure lips are hydrated 
- No Asprin paracetamol or any blood thinning medication Or steroids 
- Ensure you take the Aciclover tablets or cold sore prevention tablets from the day of the procedure 

- Take cold sore prevention medication as advised to prevent cold sores 
-clean the lips using sterile water or boiled water once cooled to clean and remove any excess pigment and apply aftercare balm daily, as often as possibly using a clean q-tip 
-day 1 drink, hot drinks or alcohol through a straw 
- no toothpaste or mouthwash to be used on the evening of the treatment wait until the next morning 
- do not pick, stratch lips or remove any of the scabbing as you will effect the pigment underneath and could cause an infection 

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